Gardens Marrakech


The Majorelle garden in Marrakeck is one of the most visited places in morocco and one of the best gardens marrakech. It took forty years to the french painter Jacques Majorelle to create with passion this enchanting place that is currently located in the heart of the ochre city. Walking through its shadowed paths, we are encircled by trees and exotic plants that make us wonder where they are from. We walk past water points flowing musically and between ornamental lakes full of water lilies and lotus.


We hear the rustle of the leaves in the trees as the delicate wind caresses them and the screams of birds. We stop in front of a moor building painted with vivid colors such as a strong blue that the artist saw during his travels in the Atlas.

We are soothed by the harmony of this picture where all the senses are gently asked to partake to that magical promenade, out of the town and yet so near of it, encircled by high walls of earth, out of the time.


A true oasis located nearby the center of Marrakech, the Menara garden boasts more than 40 types of olive tree circling a gigantic pond of water that is also used as a water tank for the plants. It is one of the most calm places in Marrackech and many people go there toenjoy such a peacefulatmosphere while looking at the distant mountain that provides the water.

This pond is taking its water from a very ancient hydraulic system named Qanat that allow to bring water from mountains standing afar Marrakech by 30 kilometers.


The Menara gardens were built around the year 1147 by the caliph Abd al-Mumin that took over Marrakech and mark the start of the Almohades era.

This place has been one the favorite spot for couples that appreciates its romantic setup, and is still the place to be. For the visitors that wish to experience the fresh nature of the place, the entrance of the garden is free while the access to the lodge requires 20 dhm.


The agdal gardens covers a part located at the south of Marrakech. There are the most ancient gardens marrakech of the town, built during the twelft century under the Almohades dynasty.

They are encircled by a high wall built during the nineteen century and contain many olive and orange trees, as well as pomegranate trees.


An hydraulic system has been set up in order to bring water from the high Atlas. In the center there are two ponds among which the biggest is called the Es Sala.

Nearby this one stands the Dar El Hana palace, whose terrace boasts a great view on the upper atlas mountains..