Local celebrations and Events

On the Moroccan calendar we can count numerous national and Local celebrations and Events

– New Year (January 1)
– Day of the Independence Manifest (January 11)
– Labour Day (1 May)
– Youth Gala (July 9)
– Throne Party (July 30), the main civil party in Morocco. Enjoy the fireworks, singing, dancing and parades
– Day of Wedding and Renewal (August 14), the commemoration of the journey of Hassan II to Dakhla in 1981
– Revolution Day (August 20), commemorating the Peace March
– Birthday of Mohammed VI (August 21)
– Commemoration of the Green March (November 6)
– Celebrating the return of Mohammed V from exile (November 16)
– Independence Day (18 November)

Ramadan (28 June-27 July 2014), is the most important Muslim festival. The festival lasts the entire ninth month of the Islamic year and the month of fasting. During this period, eating, drinking and smoking Muslims between sunrise and sunset. Fasting is one of the most important duties of a Muslim.
Ramadan may cause some discomfort for tourists; Many restaurants are closed; Eating, drinking and smoking in public is not appreciated. For tourists, moreover, be cooked and taken care of.


The three-day Eid, Eid al-Fitr (28 – July 31, 2014), marks the end of Ramadan. The houses are cleaned and people dress as beautiful as possible. Everyone is going to visit each other to congratulate a good finished fasting period each other. The poor get something extra. With the Eid begins the pilgrimage season to Mecca.
The sacrificial feast, Eid al-Adha (October 4, 2014), beginning on the tenth day of the last month of the year. In commemoration of Abraham there will be sheeps slaughtered on that day. Indeed, Abraham was willing to sacrifice his son to God, but who replaced the boy at the last moment by a sheep.

Other important days Ras as-Sana, Islamic New Year (October 25, 2014) and Moulid an-Nabi (13 January), the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad.

Events in Marrakesh

Marathon Marrakesh
More than 5,000 sports fanatics from around the world participate in the annual International Marathon and half marathon of Marrakech. The magical city gives an extra effect to this athletic event, and with mild winter temperatures. the decor of the marathon is already overwhelming.



The Dakka Marrakchia Festival
The Dakka Marrakchia Festival in February is dedicated to a special type of Arabic music that combines percussion and choirs. Residents of several neighborhoods in Marrakech come together to play in honor of Sabaatou Rijal, the patron of the city of music.



The Marrakech International Film Festival – Marrakech Du Rire

The Marrakech International Film Festival will take at the Djemaa el-Fna, the main square in the center of the city, known for the storytellers and snake charmers. The festival takes place outdoors and is visited by famous film actors, actresses and directors.