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AL FASSIA – Luxury Restaurants Marrakech

Location : 55 Boulevard Zerktouni, Guéliz, Marrakech

Lunch : Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Dinner : Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday


It is considered as one of the best Moroccan restaurants in town, and it’s particularly popular with guests coming from France and Great Britain.

Al Fassia is run entirely by women and, as even the former head chef of La Mamounia’s Moroccan restaurant said that women tend to cook better than men. The sunny terrace is lovely at lunchtime.
The dining room is elegantly done up in rich tones. As for the food: the pigeon pastilla is delicous, the pastry light, the meat moist, while mechoui, roasted lamb shoulder with almond, is a speciality that locals order in advance. The breads are addictive.

À la carte of the restaurant Al Fassia

The starters 

Pastilla au pigeon ou au poulet (110,00 Dhs)

Fine salads selection (80,00 Dhs)

Traditional moroccan soup (60,00 Dhs)

Briouats cocktail Al Fassia (80,00 Dhs)

The main courses 

Roasted shoulder of lamb (for 2 people) (420,00 Dhs)

Lamb or chicken couscous with vegetables (120,00 Dhs)

Chicken tajine with lemon and treated olives (115,00 Dhs)

Lamb makfoul tajine (120,00 Dhs)

Lamb tajine with aubergine (120,00 Dhs)

The desserts

Crepes with honey and butter (65,00 Dhs)

Assortment of moroccan pastries (50,00 Dhs)

Orange salad with cannelle (40,00 Dhs)

Flaky with almonds and milk (85,00 Dhs)

Buttered couscous, sweetened, cannelle and milk

The menus and Formulas du restaurant AL FASSIA

Lunch touristic menu (160,00 Dhs)

Average price on the menu (270.00 Dhs)

BÔ-ZIN – Luxury Restaurants Marrakech

Location : Douar Lahna, Route de l’Ourika 3.5km, Marrakech

Dinner daily

BoZin_Restaurant_Marrakech_Morocco BoZin_Restaurant_Marrakech_Morocco_02

This restaurant/bar/lounge in new-new Marrakech, some three miles from the old city walls, occupies a palace. The Bô-zin invites you to have an unique evening of romance in an exceptional musical ambiance;

Later in the evenings, especially during the weekend, there is a party. ‘Asia Meets North Africa’ is Bô-Zin’s theme, an elaborate form of opulent minimalism, and ‘Drinking and Fooding’ is its slogan (in English).

The ‘drinking’ includes everything from a range of French Champagnes to a good cocktail list. The ‘fooding’ is as mixed as the decor, a fusion of French, Moroccan, Thai and Japanese influences that produces some surprisingly adventurous dishes. For example, the prawns flavoured with pistachio oil and served with crunchy marinated vegetables is an one of those outstanding courses.

But food here is merely part of the experience because you can continue the evening at the nearby lounge where a DJ sets the mood, or chilling in the exotic garden. An unique experience !

À la carte of the restaurant BÔ-ZIN

The starters

Cheese briouats and fresh spinach (10 pieces) (170,00 Dhs)

Nems with basil thaï, prawns, chicken (8 pieces) (220,00 Dhs)

Semi-cooked foie gras (270,00 Dhs)

Warm brioche or bread without gluten, confit of the moment, glass of a sweet white Sauternes Calvet (220,00 Dhs)

Vapeurs, chicken or prawns (10 pieces) (280,00 Dhs)

The main courses

Wok of chicken with cashew nuts, jasmine rice (175,00 Dhs)

Monkfish tajine with charmoula, fondue of vegetables (185,00 Dhs)

Confit of lamb méchoui style, strong jus, fall of mushrooms, butter mashed potatoes slightly salted (185,00 Dhs)

« La gazelle qui pleure » of the bô-zin: thin slices of thaï beef, tamarin sauce, coconut, roasted potatoes (250,00 Dhs)

The Black Cod caramélisé with miso*, riz « Vénéré » (according to the market) (650,00 Dhs)

The desserts

« Ile flottante » with bourbon vanilla (70,00 Dhs)

Chocolate tart, caramelized walnuts, vanilla ice cream (80,00 Dhs)

3 « crèmes brûlées » chocolate, pistachio, honey-saffron (110,00 Dhs)

The famous runny chocolate of the bô-zin, ganache, almond cream, pistachio ice cream (140,00 Dhs)

Red berries « Millefeuille » (90,00 Dhs)

Average price on the menu (500.00 Dhs)

LE TOBSIL – Luxury Restaurants Marrakech

Location : 22 Derb Abdellah ben Hessaien, Bab Ksour, Marrakech.

Dinner daily except Tuesday. Set menu for two: £86 with wine.


Considered by some to be Marrakech’s premier Moroccan restaurant as well as the most reliable and counting among the most spectacular food places, The Tobsil offers a lesson in local gastronomy. There is no menu. First being led by a uniformed flunkey to the door, diners are greeted by owner Christine Rio, then seated either downstairs in the courtyard or upstairs in the galleries.

Chef Fatima Mountassamim is incredible. The set menu comprises a tableful of salads, followed by another of pastries (pastilla comes as pigeon, fish or vegetable) then followed tajines of golden roast lamb and a lavish couscous, and followed again by of fruit and pastries. Everything is delicious but it is, of course, more than anyone could or should eat, but that’s the point. You come to Le Tobsil to be spoiled.

Reservations are recommended

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