Weather Marrakech

Information about the current weather marrakech and best moment to travel.

In terms of temperatures, the best moments to visit Marrakech are from March through May and from October through November. Nevertheless, everyone else has the idea to visit Marrakech on a New Year or Easter holiday.
Consequently, hotels and riads raise their prices and flights are booked in advance. If you want better rates and services, you have to plan around these holidays.

March-May : Spring brings a lot of of color to the Ochre City, with the surrounding valleys displaying a diversity of vibrant blossoms. Sunshine dominates, and average daytime highs rest in the 30°C, making ideal conditions for visiting the city.

June-September : Summertime in Marrakech is very hot and the temperatures can reach 45°C. But sizzling temperatures don’t seem to disturb tourists. However, it is a but it’s a dry heat so some people will not find the climate too uncomfortable. We recommend you to drink plenty of water and make a break from 1 pm to 4 pm., when the sun is at his “best”.

October-November : As temperatures drop and summer crowds wane, Marrakech welcomes yet another sweet spot. Those who visit in the fall will find 20°C to 25°C by day with cooler nights and a possible light rainfall. During these periods, you will be able to enjoy mild temperatures, just what you need to enjoy the city under a sunny sky, Budget-friendlier room riads rates, and a city not suffocated by tourists, this is what you will find at this time of year in the Ochre city of Marrakech.

December-February : Morocco is considered as “a cold country with a hot sun.” While daytime temperatures are enjoyable, temperatures can decrease a lot once the sun sets. Having say that, the winter months tend to attract tourists, especially around Christmastime. Temperatures may drop, but room rates don’t, so book at least few months in advance.